Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My new freshest korean songs playlist that are very friendly to my ear, you wanna sing along too!
  1. LEE SEUNG GI (FT. BIZNIZ) - WILL YOU MARRY ME, you know how on some songs you kinda need to listen a couple of times then realise.. "ahhh its actually a nice tune". But this song is DIFFERENT, it catch me almost immediately! the feeling of the song is happy and summery.. The lyrics OH MY GOD! i would definitely express how I feel of my boyfriend through this song. its about wanting to live happily ever after with your loved ones and it even involve KIDS! hahahha cute!
  2. 2PM - I HATE YOU(네가 밉다), the song is sooooo catchy! I like the melody, I wanna dance when i hear this, I actually love 2AM better than 2PM because they sing better,but off course they are different 2PM is more upbeat and their appearance is a little better than 2AM. And this song actually not bad at all! its GREAT!.
  4. FT ISLAND - I HOPE(바래), potential song to be number 1! Its arranged BEAUTIFULLY! I love it!
  5. MC MONG - INDIAN BOY, you've got to see the MV its soooo bloody cute! it looks so FUN just by watching it and I think he is the most bubbly man i ever seen... he makes me laugh! ow, about the song~~ its fun, catchy, lively, spirit lifter, whats not to love?
WOW.. WOW.. WOW... What playlist is this? Boys are dominating my chart,geezzz.. LADIES out there you totally need to step it up! I hope next week I can put girl singer on the playlist.


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