Friday, July 17, 2009


My new fresh western playlist, songs that made me go GAGA (a.k.a jumping2 up and down!)
  1. BLACK EYED PEAS - I GOTTA FEELING , its the hit song replacing the number 1 spot of single BOOM BOOM POW who was previouly sitting on TOP CHART . This song has the summery feeling infuse into it and I LOVE IT, i keep humming whenever its playing on radio.
  2. COBRA STARSHIP ft. LEIGHTON MEESTER(gossip girl) - GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD, apperantly the gossip girl cast can sing and I think she doesnt sound so bad. She is actually helping Cobra starship boosting the song, GREAT!
  3. KNOCK YOU DOWN - KERI HILSON ft. NEYO ft. KANYE WEST - When 3 mega singers sing together, they create a MEGA HIT SINGLE!!
  4. AQUA - BACK TO THE 80'S, Aqua is backkkkk! POP BAND who released "Barbie Girl" is finally back on the chart! Ive waited for them for so long, and this song make that long wait worth it! They made us remember how glam was the 80's.
  5. JADA - AMERICAN COWBOY, the lyric " I KNOW~~ YOU KNOW~~ IM SEXY~~~" hahahah.... enough to make me smile.
Listen to them, until I put on my next playlist!

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