Friday, October 30, 2009

Master Playlist

haha.. okay when i said... "see you 2moro on my previous post, I meant " see you SATURDAY!" :P~~ well its only today that I can manage to spare some time to update my almost neglected blog. Anyway..... no matter how busy I am, somehow I always have time to update my iRIVER and listen to all new and FRESH songs!
  1. KIM TAE WOO - 사랑비 (Love Rain), my current favorite song! I heard it took him 5month to finish the song, well i say its WORTH IT! Love Rain has dominating every music charts in KOREA by sitting comfortably in number 1 spot for a couple of weeks. Have a good listen, you will hear a real singer with a GREAT VOCALS.
  2. T-ARA & SUPERNOVA - TIME TO LOVE (TTL), I cant stop listening to this tune!!!!. Catchy!
  3. BIG BANG - 声をきかせて (LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE), BIG BANG is returning with its new release of Japanese song (and new looks too). Big Bag practically spread their wings to neighbor country. I believe I hear "kaching" money in the bank! yup.. it will be another HIT~
  4. Mighty Mouth - 웃어 (Laugh) (Feat. Insooni), always been a fan of Mighty Mouth, this new Fun release will not disappoint their fans and It does make you smile, ouuu.. and i wanna mention that Insooni's vocal is undoubtedly amazing! GREAT combo!
  5. M To M - 비밀 (A secret), I love a good ballad song and this song is in my list of MUST LISTEN!

Enjoy your weekend,

Sunday, October 25, 2009


OMG!! Its been a month since I last log in~~ Ive been busy with my cousin's wedding on early Oct, and still feel tired the weeks after that.... I have no mood to write nor uploading new pictures until... my boyfriend mentioned that he checked my blog everyday to see my new post and there were no changes for approximately a month now. I was kinda touched~ coz i never expect him to check my blog every night... awwwww~~~ he is sweet. So here I am.. now posting my daily outfit.. You can stop your complain now Dear.

PINK LABEL leather vest, homemade white singlet, washed short GAUDI jeans, ZOMP cage shoes

channeling my inner CASUAL rock princess~~ I absolutely love this Leather vest, I bought this with my best friend while traveling. When I grabbed it out from the rack and told her I loveddddd this piece and wanted to buy it! she immediately rolled her eyes and gave me a silly grin "are youuuu sure???". And i said YES! She then answered "if I bought that and wore it, my Mum would have passed out seeing me in that!" hhahahaha she is funny.. but I still walked to the cashier and paid it.


It was one lazy sunday afternoon, We went to Carefour to buy groceries. And I just wanted to dress in something easy.. So i chose a loose kaftan top by CHARLIE JOE, belted it with vintage belt to give it a shape and wore shorts underneath. oh~~ and I wore my old wedges shoes. there! Relax with style~

see you 2moro,