Sunday, September 20, 2009

LATE double DO

Lately, works is all Im thinking of, that's why you don't see new post updates from me and I AM SORRY FOR BEING LAZY!. But don't worry though, you are not missing much. I've been sitting cozily staring at computer for hours and wear NOTHING INTERESTING! and most of the times the sky is kinda gloomy and dark, so I wore a lot of black, no BRAINY outfit! Just wanted to be comfy and still look like i dressed up! WELL.. I DID! I Wore Batwing dress by GAUDI, and add gold touch of the belt by IRENE'S WARDROBE and gold gifted necklace to lift up the dark outfit. Well i think its glam enough now.

I wore PEPPER top tucked in the homemade zipper skirt. Tangled silver necklace, and black open toe boots bought in Singapore.
And here, see the pattern.. black over black over black.. geezz... get colored already! I will.. I will.. OH YEAH... i dyed and cut my hair today.. so you'll see the changes of my skin color on my next outfit post. Yup, the color of my hair determine my skin color, it seems that my face skin is actually looks brighter with mahogany colored hair. well.. you's see~~ hehe

bye for now,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

DO 1/9/2009

i wore H&M shirt, Topshop belt, Vintage LV bag, grey cheap shoes

The oversize shirt is the trend that i wanna try since a long time ago.. but I just couldnt find the perfect shirt dress to show off. Not anymore... I found this Oversize shirt by H&M, I love the pinstripes, the material, the biggyness, and more importantly the COMFORT i get by wearing it. Although its a little too late to perform the trend but it doesnt matter.. I make the trend stays for a little bit longer. hehheehe :p


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


SJP is backkkkk!!!!!! yayyyy!! Im sooooo excited!!! This is her first shot in the set of SEX AND THE CITY 2! yahooooo!! I cant wait to see them in action again!
Looking marvelous here Mrs.BIG wearing a semi sheer white dress, CHANEL gold clutch and $3040 worth of shoes by THE RED SOLE - CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN *errrrghhh~~ i wish I can spend this much of money for shoes"
This look will definitely will be copy soon by million fashion lover! Everything is just so SPOT ON! arghh Patricia Field is so GOOD! I want her to be my STYLIST!