Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My new freshest korean songs playlist that are very friendly to my ear, you wanna sing along too!
  1. LEE SEUNG GI (FT. BIZNIZ) - WILL YOU MARRY ME, you know how on some songs you kinda need to listen a couple of times then realise.. "ahhh its actually a nice tune". But this song is DIFFERENT, it catch me almost immediately! the feeling of the song is happy and summery.. The lyrics OH MY GOD! i would definitely express how I feel of my boyfriend through this song. its about wanting to live happily ever after with your loved ones and it even involve KIDS! hahahha cute!
  2. 2PM - I HATE YOU(네가 밉다), the song is sooooo catchy! I like the melody, I wanna dance when i hear this, I actually love 2AM better than 2PM because they sing better,but off course they are different 2PM is more upbeat and their appearance is a little better than 2AM. And this song actually not bad at all! its GREAT!.
  4. FT ISLAND - I HOPE(바래), potential song to be number 1! Its arranged BEAUTIFULLY! I love it!
  5. MC MONG - INDIAN BOY, you've got to see the MV its soooo bloody cute! it looks so FUN just by watching it and I think he is the most bubbly man i ever seen... he makes me laugh! ow, about the song~~ its fun, catchy, lively, spirit lifter, whats not to love?
WOW.. WOW.. WOW... What playlist is this? Boys are dominating my chart,geezzz.. LADIES out there you totally need to step it up! I hope next week I can put girl singer on the playlist.


Monday, July 27, 2009

DO - 28/7-2009

I love wearing a head to toe black outfit these days... Do you know why? I guess im getting old :(, I used to hate black and wear colorful colors everytime. But since recently my wardrobe is full with DARK colors. Its maybe the kinda sign that you have, when you reach maturity stage in your life, and you wanna dress to look more professional. hmmmm.....

hahahahha~~~ okay maybe not.. :p the truth is since i catch on the ROCK trends, black suddenly seems to be very COOL and no.. its not making me looking the CLASSIC Lady like . So as for now I confirmed that this color is making its permanent stay in my closet.

i wore black BARDOT blazer, black OZOC long singlet, black ruffle zipper skirt by Cotton on, vintage belt, GUESS shoes

Friday, July 24, 2009


I know its been a really long time since i uploaded my last post about Melbourne, and I know I should've continued posting about them because the journey seems like hanging in the middle of nowhere and have no end! Well this is what im gonna do now... I will post some more so you know what else did I see there. These pics brings a lot of memories, so i wanna warn CHIAKO especially! (she is one of my best friend, ! and i hope she is reading this) to bring some tissues. She cried on my first post of Melbourne, she is currently back in Japan, and she told me that I reminded her how good the city was. She just misses Melbourne as much as I do!
So, I moved out to a different apartment for my final year in Melb as my rent contract finished with the old apartment. I just thought to myself, Ive been living in this TINY rooms for 6years maybe this is the time for me to try new places, this is my final moment in here and i wanna make a GOOD one! woohooo! Apart from that, my other reason was both of my brothers and ME are growing up, we clearly in need for a bigger space, and MCA didn't offered that (MCA only offer convenient as this apt located in the heart of the city, in front of tram stop, next to train station and shopping centre). Besides, I loveeee looking for a new houses, i checked in the internet Everyday and found 3 apartments that I actually love! and the best thing was they all were AVAILABLE!
Long story short, I chose the one that a little bit close to the city with a stunning view, great facilities (incl, own movie theatre, hohoho :)) and it's brand new! the name of the apartment is EUREKA!! the tallest building ever build in Australia (88 level, and i stayed in level 33). more expensive than the old one, but considering all those extra things, this one is WORTH IT! ohhh~~~ Im just glad I moved!
TADAAAA !!! its too tall, my camera cant even take picture of the whole building!!
You see how beautiful is the view in the picture above!!, well... I walked along that river for the whole year. Its a little distant-ny compare to what I had before, but I dont mind! its a beautiful beautiful moment just to EXPERIENCE it. The air is so refreshing and the atmosphere is so engaging! its even better at night, the lights made the whole riverside truly ROMANTIC! too bad my camera is not design to take night picture :(
Walking in here again does bring memories, good ones! I hope i can go back there again and enjoy the view of the river.

another view in the riverside! once, I had a birthday bash with close relations in one of the boat. ITS FUN! great view, good FOOD!

and these 2 pictures above, is the view from my brother's current apartment (I stayed in his place during the visit) Its just next to EUREKA, behind CROWN, how Lucky is he!!?!? He still got this amazing view after moving out from Eureka! ouhhh~~ JEALOUS! -__-

So.... this is a little history of my life, sorry if I bore you by reading it. You can skip the story part and just click on the pictures, I just wanted to make people WANT to go there and experience the WONDERFUL CITY!

Good Day,

Thursday, July 23, 2009


She is the cutest , most original artist ever! By that i mean her lyrics are so direct and to the point but it doesnt sound offensive at all, it may be her ANGEL voice that makes us go "awwww...". SHE WRITE ANYTHING THAT RELEVANT TO LIFE, try listening "THE FEAR" where she wrote about celebrity, hahahah you just wanted to laugh! then the 2nd single was out, the title "FUCK YOU" is telling a story about GEORGE W.BUSH, this one is veryyyyy catchy, i cant get the song out of my head! and now she relased another single called "22" which is also contain a strong and powerful message!
With most of her music being fun and catchy, she also kinda dragged me with her cuteness appearance and very cool, electro fashion. She can clash the trends and looks acceptable on her.
After her previous successful album, well... i think this album will won the hearts of millions too. she is so young and talented, I cant wait to see her grow up!

Lily lover,

Sunday, July 19, 2009


My heart was beating so fast when i saw this vest hanging on 1 of the statue in my favourite store. OMG!! i climb on the manuequin, stripped her and stole the vest to try in changing room. That was a historical moment, as the shop assistant saw the whole action and watched me with confusion in her face. she did offered me to take that vest off the blonde mannequin, but i refused! I wanted to touch it first hand! *im crazy, i know!*
Once I put it on, I dont want to take it off!!! i wore it and paid directly to the chasher and left! I didnt even see what other new arrival was in store.
The shop assistant told me that I was lucky coz, this piece was the only 1 left. its SOLD OUT in a matter of hours. OMG!! I told her "its destiny,and it belong to me NOW!"
I wore LADAKH vest, Oversize EASE t-shirt, black legging, black china shoes, tangled silver chains necklace

hugs and kisses,

Friday, July 17, 2009


My new fresh western playlist, songs that made me go GAGA (a.k.a jumping2 up and down!)
  1. BLACK EYED PEAS - I GOTTA FEELING , its the hit song replacing the number 1 spot of single BOOM BOOM POW who was previouly sitting on TOP CHART . This song has the summery feeling infuse into it and I LOVE IT, i keep humming whenever its playing on radio.
  2. COBRA STARSHIP ft. LEIGHTON MEESTER(gossip girl) - GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD, apperantly the gossip girl cast can sing and I think she doesnt sound so bad. She is actually helping Cobra starship boosting the song, GREAT!
  3. KNOCK YOU DOWN - KERI HILSON ft. NEYO ft. KANYE WEST - When 3 mega singers sing together, they create a MEGA HIT SINGLE!!
  4. AQUA - BACK TO THE 80'S, Aqua is backkkkk! POP BAND who released "Barbie Girl" is finally back on the chart! Ive waited for them for so long, and this song make that long wait worth it! They made us remember how glam was the 80's.
  5. JADA - AMERICAN COWBOY, the lyric " I KNOW~~ YOU KNOW~~ IM SEXY~~~" hahahah.... enough to make me smile.
Listen to them, until I put on my next playlist!


Maya in Bali's wedding - look stunning!

last week was full of works and busying with Maya's (my gorgeous best friend) wedding. She wanted me to be her bridesmaid in Bali's wedding party, im Okay with that... but I have no PINK color dress to go with. I didnt panic until 2 days before the wedding. I thought it would be easy just to go buy them in stores, but none of them selling pink dress that suit my dark yellowy skin. PANIC.. PANIC... PANIC... ~~~ couldnt be bother anymore ....started to make simple (no stress) dress, dyed them in lower fuschia color and put some embroidery details on the waist (oh, thank GOD I have a manufacturing company!)
and its DONE! yahoooo~~~~~ it turned out very bridesmaid-ish.. but its an intimate party so I dont want to fight for attention in there. The good thing is everybody seems to like my LAST MINUTE dress~~ happyyy :)

I dont have the full picture of my bridesmaid dress to show you, but I will post it later. Maya and me (in my bridesmaid dress) @Bali wedding

Then I was attending her second wedding party in JAKARTA.. and this time i got to wear ANYTHING (im not her bridesmaid there). Me and my other bestfriend (EVELYN) decided that we would wear WHITE but shorter version. hahaha~~~ we were attention seeker in there.. ahhahah but no worries our dresses were not too over the top dress that will compete with the bride's gown. We made sure we look good in the party, coz its like a little reunion with our highschool mates. And the result is not too dissapointing, I guess... :P

Meilisa, Evelyn, Me, Vellin (jimmy's GF)

Vellin, me ( Igot the flower bouqet, YAY), Evelyn, Lisa

My old school mates, not all of them though


Saturday, July 4, 2009


This is the list of my top 5 new KOREAN (DANCE/HIP-HOP) that heavily rotate in my Iriver. Get dress up and listen to these body moving songs!
  1. 2NE1 - I don't care. I wasnt into 2NE1 earlier, even their hit single FIRE doesn't really hang on to my brain, BUT they prove wrong! their new song just change my whole perspective to them. Its soooo catchy and i cant get it out from my head!
  2. KOYOTE - 넌센스 (Nonsense). This song makes me wanna dance everytime.
  3. UNTOUCHABLE - OH. cool song!
  4. V.O.S - 큰일이다. catchy, and thats all you need to win the heart of million people.
  5. BIG BANG - GARAGARA GO!!! Big bang, the hit maker~

till next time,

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

daily outfit

Im getting fat for sure!! damn! I cant button up my check shirt...
i wore: korean check shirt, black bomber jacket from orange, BODY and SOUL shorts, RMK shoes