Sunday, July 19, 2009


My heart was beating so fast when i saw this vest hanging on 1 of the statue in my favourite store. OMG!! i climb on the manuequin, stripped her and stole the vest to try in changing room. That was a historical moment, as the shop assistant saw the whole action and watched me with confusion in her face. she did offered me to take that vest off the blonde mannequin, but i refused! I wanted to touch it first hand! *im crazy, i know!*
Once I put it on, I dont want to take it off!!! i wore it and paid directly to the chasher and left! I didnt even see what other new arrival was in store.
The shop assistant told me that I was lucky coz, this piece was the only 1 left. its SOLD OUT in a matter of hours. OMG!! I told her "its destiny,and it belong to me NOW!"
I wore LADAKH vest, Oversize EASE t-shirt, black legging, black china shoes, tangled silver chains necklace

hugs and kisses,

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