Saturday, August 1, 2009

this just in! and DAILY OUTFIT

Check me out in here:

It may not a big deal for you, but FOR ME... to have my face and OUTFIt appear somewhere else apart from my blog it just feels WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO......!!!!!!! Im just sooooooo happpy! and flattered. :) thank you blueisinfashionthisyear.

Basically, her blog is about a fashion HOW TO, how to inspire people to wear a trend.
So, she would come up with a trend title (mine was black+white) then find pictures everywhere and compile all the pictures together. I think its a smart idea, because some people wanna wear the trend but they dont know how to wear it, so this is great and very helpful.

This is the outfit that got me in,

hugsss and kisses,

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