Thursday, July 23, 2009


She is the cutest , most original artist ever! By that i mean her lyrics are so direct and to the point but it doesnt sound offensive at all, it may be her ANGEL voice that makes us go "awwww...". SHE WRITE ANYTHING THAT RELEVANT TO LIFE, try listening "THE FEAR" where she wrote about celebrity, hahahah you just wanted to laugh! then the 2nd single was out, the title "FUCK YOU" is telling a story about GEORGE W.BUSH, this one is veryyyyy catchy, i cant get the song out of my head! and now she relased another single called "22" which is also contain a strong and powerful message!
With most of her music being fun and catchy, she also kinda dragged me with her cuteness appearance and very cool, electro fashion. She can clash the trends and looks acceptable on her.
After her previous successful album, well... i think this album will won the hearts of millions too. she is so young and talented, I cant wait to see her grow up!

Lily lover,

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