Saturday, August 22, 2009


I bought the dress (belt included) in Korean market a year ago, it was so cheap and bargain wasnt necessary. However, i cant put on the dress alone and wear it to office, I put the plain white t-shirt under the dress so its more appropriate for office.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Double DO


I wore, DIY full sequin cardigan, full skirt with lace under it, that i had to zip half way(coz I need it to sit on my hips not waist) and homemade black tank top
I had a magazine that featured this cardigan, its by CHANEL, it was so lovely and attractive. I showed to mum, and she loved it too. Soon after, we decided to make this jacket of our version, its like a little project of ours. A week later... TADAAA!! its done and we absolutely love it! She hasnt try it on yet, I took it over and keep it nice and warm in my wardrobe eversince :P
When I wore the outfit above, I caught a lot of attention. and its all thanks to my super BLING2 cardigan. Everybody gave me a stare, as they probably thought that its not an appropriate attire to wear in tropical island. well... who gives a shit!, I certainly DONT! Im just gonna rock this outfit regardless the jealousy evil stares.


I wore: Kitty kat tribal yellow dress, Bardot blazer, Zomp cage shoes
If I just wear the dress alone, it would be too revealing. The blazer certainly helps reducing that sexyness and adding edgyness instead. I love the idea of pairing mini dress with Blazer, will definately try this trends again.!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

FALL TRENDS moodboard

I assembled few pictures of a MUST HAVE this winter. I wish I can live in a country that has fall/winter so i can wear one of the trends I post above. ergh! so anyway, My must try trends for winter are:
  • GLAM 80S wear denim jacket the way the 1st 90210 casts would wear. I would loveeeee to try this trend, I saw it in some magazines in modernize way and it just look so cool!
  • Long Sleeve embellished mini dress, Balmain created this look, and I think it will make the winter season look FRESH and FUN! This I can try in the HOT country.
  • LAYERS+FUR+GLOVES, The image I add above is my winter winner layer outfit! Its perfection! I wanna try, i wanna try, I wanna try... Its EDGY and Seductive!
  • Military jacket/vest, Its so popular now! but I believe this trend will stay for winter.
  • Washed jeans irregular dyes, A whole new level of denim , NO MORE BORING COLOR!
  • Embroidery Jacket, ohh WOW~~ Im just speechless , I wanna own one too~
I hope I can buy one or two things I said above so I can show it off in my daily outfit corner. hehe :P

welcoming Winter,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

DO - 7/8-2009

When I posted this outfit in the other site (CHICTOPIA), everyone would have comments, that NAUTICAL is what inspired the outfit.
Stripes top, white blazer, shorts and just a little bling on my neck to make it luxurious, these are all the elements of being nauticious (a person who follow the nautical trends :p, I just made that up). I love this trend, It made me look FRESH from the outside, hehe :)

What I wore: white blazer and stripes top (which already been around in this world for 20years but the color still doesnt fade off) both from mum, white sneaker bought in Korea, White PORTMANS skiny belt, and 80s wash short jeans.

What I hate about these pictures is just that its exposed my BIG FAT SHORT LEGS! please ignore them!



LINDSAY is backkkkkkk~~~~~ She made her way to Elle ... and I think these are pretty amazing pictures of her. I love the outfits, love the leggings, love the boots, love the hair~~ EVERYTHING is nicely done! I just wish she didnt have many bad gossips... and I hope she can act in some good movies, or appear everywhere with awesome outfits, that will distract the papz from all those scandals.

all pics are courtesy of

Saturday, August 1, 2009

this just in! and DAILY OUTFIT

Check me out in here:

It may not a big deal for you, but FOR ME... to have my face and OUTFIt appear somewhere else apart from my blog it just feels WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO......!!!!!!! Im just sooooooo happpy! and flattered. :) thank you blueisinfashionthisyear.

Basically, her blog is about a fashion HOW TO, how to inspire people to wear a trend.
So, she would come up with a trend title (mine was black+white) then find pictures everywhere and compile all the pictures together. I think its a smart idea, because some people wanna wear the trend but they dont know how to wear it, so this is great and very helpful.

This is the outfit that got me in,

hugsss and kisses,