Monday, June 22, 2009


ALEXANDER WANG collection is a muse for EVERYONE... everyone loves his laidback, no efforts but yet 'oh so cool style'! and I was one of them...
I wore: Homemade White loose shirt, ripped ZARA short jeans, and Mink Pink vest, black boots, ripped DIY stockings

Tuesday, June 16, 2009



The incredible super talented LADY GAGA... her poker face and just dance hits songs made me dance all nite long and put her in my playlist for the whole month, last month, but who doesnt? She has this mad attractiveness on her character, the hair, the outfit, the catchy lyrics, the crazy face (thunder) painting, no one has ever done before, the whole thing! the real package to be the next DIVA! she gives a fresh and fun look to the music industry, I LOVE! Listen to her and start dancing!

Friday, June 12, 2009


state library

The 1st day.. was great. I went to the city and just taking pictures of everything that remind me of the place...

i used to live here in MELBOURNE CAMPUS APARTMENT a.k.a MCA for like 6 years! I tried every rooms in there~ from studio to 3 bedrooms room.. i tried them all.. growing up in the apt ... ohh~~so many good times :)
walking past it certainly bring back memories :)

was stupidly excited when i saw trams passed by in the city..
I got over excited with EVERYTHING!

Even the big clock in MELB.CENTRAL

posting these pics makes me crave to visit the place again!!!! Ouuuhhhhh~~~

more pictures soon....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

short visit to Melbourne

Not so long time ago... I went to melbourne to visit my bro (haha..bulls#$@%#).. No, actually.. its been 4 years since i left and i needed to visit the city.. I missed everything about it The buildings, people, chapel st, trams, train, melb central, transit news, Bridge rd, BOOST juice, State library, Restaurants, Brouke st, shops, Dessert house, MYER (the new contsruction is crap, i loved the old one much better),,Flinders station , MX papers, Borders, the weather, well EVERYTHING. I sat my foot in the city and I transformed into a KID in a candy store! I was just amaze with everything i see... *arghhhh.... I wish i can stay longer*
During my visit I stayed at fresh water apt located behind CROWN, along the side of river quay. I always love walking near the river, the atmosphere is just sooo positive... it makes me happy :).. anyway i have more pics to show u in next post. :)

I wore White sequin sleeve t-shirt from Charlie and Joe, Skin 3/4 Drop pants, leggings, Zara studded belt, Bardot blazer, ZARA shoes


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hello :)


Im getting bored with my old blog (, and decided that i needed to make a new and fresh one.
The contents will still have my daily outfits posts, music as well as personal stuff. Well, we'll see how this blog will grow, or to which direction shall i take it in the future. In the meantime... enjoy :)