Friday, July 24, 2009


I know its been a really long time since i uploaded my last post about Melbourne, and I know I should've continued posting about them because the journey seems like hanging in the middle of nowhere and have no end! Well this is what im gonna do now... I will post some more so you know what else did I see there. These pics brings a lot of memories, so i wanna warn CHIAKO especially! (she is one of my best friend, ! and i hope she is reading this) to bring some tissues. She cried on my first post of Melbourne, she is currently back in Japan, and she told me that I reminded her how good the city was. She just misses Melbourne as much as I do!
So, I moved out to a different apartment for my final year in Melb as my rent contract finished with the old apartment. I just thought to myself, Ive been living in this TINY rooms for 6years maybe this is the time for me to try new places, this is my final moment in here and i wanna make a GOOD one! woohooo! Apart from that, my other reason was both of my brothers and ME are growing up, we clearly in need for a bigger space, and MCA didn't offered that (MCA only offer convenient as this apt located in the heart of the city, in front of tram stop, next to train station and shopping centre). Besides, I loveeee looking for a new houses, i checked in the internet Everyday and found 3 apartments that I actually love! and the best thing was they all were AVAILABLE!
Long story short, I chose the one that a little bit close to the city with a stunning view, great facilities (incl, own movie theatre, hohoho :)) and it's brand new! the name of the apartment is EUREKA!! the tallest building ever build in Australia (88 level, and i stayed in level 33). more expensive than the old one, but considering all those extra things, this one is WORTH IT! ohhh~~~ Im just glad I moved!
TADAAAA !!! its too tall, my camera cant even take picture of the whole building!!
You see how beautiful is the view in the picture above!!, well... I walked along that river for the whole year. Its a little distant-ny compare to what I had before, but I dont mind! its a beautiful beautiful moment just to EXPERIENCE it. The air is so refreshing and the atmosphere is so engaging! its even better at night, the lights made the whole riverside truly ROMANTIC! too bad my camera is not design to take night picture :(
Walking in here again does bring memories, good ones! I hope i can go back there again and enjoy the view of the river.

another view in the riverside! once, I had a birthday bash with close relations in one of the boat. ITS FUN! great view, good FOOD!

and these 2 pictures above, is the view from my brother's current apartment (I stayed in his place during the visit) Its just next to EUREKA, behind CROWN, how Lucky is he!!?!? He still got this amazing view after moving out from Eureka! ouhhh~~ JEALOUS! -__-

So.... this is a little history of my life, sorry if I bore you by reading it. You can skip the story part and just click on the pictures, I just wanted to make people WANT to go there and experience the WONDERFUL CITY!

Good Day,

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  1. tishaaaaa! WooooOOOOOo HooOOOOOOOOOO~!!! M-el-Bour-ne! it's still peaceful, beautful, wonderful view!!! thaaaanx~*

    when i see the last two pics, i thought you went to the observation deck (eureka skydeck 88)

    next eureka? that BLVD?