Thursday, August 6, 2009

DO - 7/8-2009

When I posted this outfit in the other site (CHICTOPIA), everyone would have comments, that NAUTICAL is what inspired the outfit.
Stripes top, white blazer, shorts and just a little bling on my neck to make it luxurious, these are all the elements of being nauticious (a person who follow the nautical trends :p, I just made that up). I love this trend, It made me look FRESH from the outside, hehe :)

What I wore: white blazer and stripes top (which already been around in this world for 20years but the color still doesnt fade off) both from mum, white sneaker bought in Korea, White PORTMANS skiny belt, and 80s wash short jeans.

What I hate about these pictures is just that its exposed my BIG FAT SHORT LEGS! please ignore them!


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