Sunday, August 16, 2009

Double DO


I wore, DIY full sequin cardigan, full skirt with lace under it, that i had to zip half way(coz I need it to sit on my hips not waist) and homemade black tank top
I had a magazine that featured this cardigan, its by CHANEL, it was so lovely and attractive. I showed to mum, and she loved it too. Soon after, we decided to make this jacket of our version, its like a little project of ours. A week later... TADAAA!! its done and we absolutely love it! She hasnt try it on yet, I took it over and keep it nice and warm in my wardrobe eversince :P
When I wore the outfit above, I caught a lot of attention. and its all thanks to my super BLING2 cardigan. Everybody gave me a stare, as they probably thought that its not an appropriate attire to wear in tropical island. well... who gives a shit!, I certainly DONT! Im just gonna rock this outfit regardless the jealousy evil stares.


I wore: Kitty kat tribal yellow dress, Bardot blazer, Zomp cage shoes
If I just wear the dress alone, it would be too revealing. The blazer certainly helps reducing that sexyness and adding edgyness instead. I love the idea of pairing mini dress with Blazer, will definately try this trends again.!


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