Friday, October 30, 2009

Master Playlist

haha.. okay when i said... "see you 2moro on my previous post, I meant " see you SATURDAY!" :P~~ well its only today that I can manage to spare some time to update my almost neglected blog. Anyway..... no matter how busy I am, somehow I always have time to update my iRIVER and listen to all new and FRESH songs!
  1. KIM TAE WOO - 사랑비 (Love Rain), my current favorite song! I heard it took him 5month to finish the song, well i say its WORTH IT! Love Rain has dominating every music charts in KOREA by sitting comfortably in number 1 spot for a couple of weeks. Have a good listen, you will hear a real singer with a GREAT VOCALS.
  2. T-ARA & SUPERNOVA - TIME TO LOVE (TTL), I cant stop listening to this tune!!!!. Catchy!
  3. BIG BANG - 声をきかせて (LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE), BIG BANG is returning with its new release of Japanese song (and new looks too). Big Bag practically spread their wings to neighbor country. I believe I hear "kaching" money in the bank! yup.. it will be another HIT~
  4. Mighty Mouth - 웃어 (Laugh) (Feat. Insooni), always been a fan of Mighty Mouth, this new Fun release will not disappoint their fans and It does make you smile, ouuu.. and i wanna mention that Insooni's vocal is undoubtedly amazing! GREAT combo!
  5. M To M - 비밀 (A secret), I love a good ballad song and this song is in my list of MUST LISTEN!

Enjoy your weekend,


  1. haven't listen bigbang's new song yet, tish~~~

    love their first song called "my heaven" i heard the remix ver. and i think it's better than original one, ehehe:-P

    i heard J.Lo's song today, and guess what???? it reminds me your mobile ringtone and uni days! remember???

  2. hahahahhahahha!!!! how can u still remember!??!?! ouhhhhh u make me miss u evenn moreeeee!!!

    my heaven is good chi..! try to listen to this one too.. its really good!