Sunday, June 7, 2009

short visit to Melbourne

Not so long time ago... I went to melbourne to visit my bro (haha..bulls#$@%#).. No, actually.. its been 4 years since i left and i needed to visit the city.. I missed everything about it The buildings, people, chapel st, trams, train, melb central, transit news, Bridge rd, BOOST juice, State library, Restaurants, Brouke st, shops, Dessert house, MYER (the new contsruction is crap, i loved the old one much better),,Flinders station , MX papers, Borders, the weather, well EVERYTHING. I sat my foot in the city and I transformed into a KID in a candy store! I was just amaze with everything i see... *arghhhh.... I wish i can stay longer*
During my visit I stayed at fresh water apt located behind CROWN, along the side of river quay. I always love walking near the river, the atmosphere is just sooo positive... it makes me happy :).. anyway i have more pics to show u in next post. :)

I wore White sequin sleeve t-shirt from Charlie and Joe, Skin 3/4 Drop pants, leggings, Zara studded belt, Bardot blazer, ZARA shoes


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